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 Every student has unique math challenges. Together we will pinpoint what specific math objectives you need to understand. We will proceed in the most effective individualized manner for you to successfully overcome your math challenges and learn and master the math objectives you do not currently understand. 


Come and become like these mathematically successful students!


  • Phil and I were teaching partners. Simply put, he made sure his students were successful.     - H H
  • My daughter needed her CBC math class to graduate but kept failing. Phil enabled her to pass in one semester.     - C M
  • My son struggled with Algebra. He gained confidence, skills improved, scores increased and homework was no longer a fight. Mr. Eagle is a wonderful teacher.    - Julie Z.
  • My ADHD son had a very hard time concentrating for extended periods of time on math. Recommended by a co-worker, Phil enabled him to slow down and do only what was needed. He now takes pride in solving math problems and assists other classmates.  - T A
  • Phil keeps me posted on the progress of my high school daughter. She is comfortable with him, likes the way he explains math, and is learning (finally). He creates an atmosphere for her to comprehend  the math she is required to know to academically succeed.  I feel she is getting great care!      - H W
  • Without your support Phil, I would not have had the confidence to succeed in college.     - R L


My Background

   BS Math, BS Physics, MS Systems Management. Aerospace Engineer 20 years. Retired Certified Math Teacher. 

My Expertise

I have effectively explained and demonstrated Algebra and other Math concepts for  many years to  challenged and not so challenged students and engineers. I tutor to those in need of math skills living in Tri-Cities (Kennewick, Pasco, Richland), WA. 

1-on-1 Lessons

THE MOST EFFECIENT WAY the student  gains confidence, learns and masters Algebra and other Math in a timely manner is to learn, face-to-face, from the teacher.

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